Hermit Crabs Breeding – Hermit Crab Reproduction Information

In this article, we will discuss how hermit crab breeding works so that you will be able to start your own little hermit crab family in your aquarium.

Hermit Crab Breeding Basics

For hermit crab breeding to be successful, first you will need a male hermit crab and a female hermit crab. If you already have crabs, but you aren’t sure if they are male or female – call your local pet store to ask if they can help you determine the sex, if they can bring your hermit crabs in. If they can’t you may want to buy two more hermit crabs.

Next, you need to create a environment in your hermit crabs tank that closely mimics the hermit crabs natural breeding habitat. Both the temperature and the humidity should be 75 degrees F. Make sure you purchase both a temperature and humidity gauge to monitor the tanks conditions properly every day.

Hermit crabs breeding usually takes place at night, so you will want to line the (outside) of your aquarium with black construction paper or cardboard so that it is completely dark. Some hermit crab breeders also like to have a little wave making device inside the tank, as hermit crabs like the motion of the water in the ocean for breeding.

Make sure that you have both a large and small fresh water pool for your hermit crabs to thrive in, and for the babies to swim in.

The Hermit Crab Mating Dance

Once everything is properly set up in place, for the next 3-4 weeks you can expect your hermit crabs to do a lot of mating dancing.  The hermit crab mating dance is quite entertaining to watch, so much sure you keep a close eye on them!

The female hermit-crab will usually lay eggs after a month’s time, Also make sure you have calcium-rich food, tiny shrimp for the babies, and several small shells that they can crawl into as soon as are ready.

If Hermit Crab Reproduction Is Successful

If hermit crab reproduction is successful then your female hermit-crab will lay a lot of eggs into the shallow sand. Once the hermit-crabs hatch they will all gravitate towards the salt water pool that you have set upside the tank.

Hermit crab breeding isn’t as hard as it seems. As long as you have a clean environment, the right temperature, salt water, and the right lighting everything should be fine. Once the conditions are ideal, your hermit-crabs will start dancing to mate as they should in their natural habitats.

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