Hermit Crab Names

The following are some funny hermit crab names that we came up with.  Feel free to suggest more in our comments section!  Finding the perfect pet crab names or name can be hard, so take a look at our list and be creative!

Why pick a boring name like Bob or Sam when you can have a cool hermit crab name like Crabotimus Prime (Transformers), Super Crabio (Super Mario) and Crabby Potter (Harry Potter).

Celebrity Hermit Crab Names

  • Arnold Crabzenegger
  • Crabalina Jolie
  • Crab Pitt
  • Crab Woods or Crabby Woods
  • Crab Osbourne
  • Crab Winfrey
  • Crabert Patterson
  • Crab Streep
  • Crab Trump
  • Crab Hilton
  • Crab Aniston
  • Crabby Depp
  • George Crabby
  • Crabael Jackson
  • Hugh Crabner
  • Janet Crabson
  • John Crabvolta
  • Julia Craboerts
  • Justin Craberlake
  • Lady Crab Crab
  • Mary Kate and Ashley Crabson
  • Marilyn Crabroe
  • Morgan Freecrab
  • Sandra Crablock
  • Samuel L. Crabson
  • Tom Crab

Famous Hermit Crab Names

  • Albert Crabinstein
  • Amelia Crabheart
  • Richard Crabson or Crabard Branson
  • Crab Gates
  • Crab Rand
  • Crabbiam Shakespeare
  • Crabby Roosevelt or Crab Roosevelt
  • Crab. S. Lewis
  • Crabson Mandela
  • Elvis Crabsley
  • George Craberson
  • Hillary Rodham Crab
  • John F. Crabbedy
  • Miles Crabvis
  • Mother Crabesa
  • Neil Crabstrong
  • Princess Crabna
  • Thomas Craberson

If you still can’t think of a hermit crab name after looking at this list, think of our favourite movie, band, TV show, author, singer, actor, actress, politician, etc. and name your hermit crab after that but with a hermit crab spin.   This will guarantee a memorable name that is both fun and unique.

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33 Responses to “Hermit Crab Names”

  • bob smith says:

    adam crabert
    (adam lambert)

  • Alistair says:

    The 5 crabs I share with my roommate:

    Killer Crab
    Zoidberg <–(From 'Futurama')
    King Crab
    Crabby Joe <–(A restaurant chain here in Canada)
    Crab Face

  • shelly says:

    smiley hermie

  • Jay says:


  • dezere says:

    i cant decide what to name my hermit crab im deciding to name he/r bella which means beautiful

  • Cameron says:

    Unique Hermit Crab Names:
    Percy (Peir-cie)

  • cailey says:

    i named my hermit crabs after members of areosmith, the rock band
    steven tyler
    joe perry
    joey Kramer

  • that one guy says:

    shelton john

  • peyton perez says:

    crabby patty
    justin craber
    herman the hermit
    king crab louis
    crazy hermie

  • Caroline says:

    Lol I love the transformer ones you should totally make more i picked Crabotimus Prime… :D

  • Sammy says:

    I named my hermit crab G.G. standing for Gentle Giant. Because he is about the size of my hand. But he is the sweetest thing ever,i was intimidated at first by his size but now I hold him without hesitations

  • Allison says:

    Hagan I got a good one ! Justin crablier

  • Allison says:

    Ha ha I got a good one ! Justin crablier

  • Alex Brooke says:

    My Crabs name.. Crabby

  • kamryn thomas says:

    i can not think of a name

  • kamryn thomas says:

    justice i ilke that name
    and her spech can be “to
    be free man ya free to be

  • anonymous says:

    Mr.Crabs (from spongebob)

  • Emma says:

    Haha i love johnny depps movies (hes been in) and then micheal jacksons music and i just had to laugh at the names, they are very cute i dont know what to name mine, im thinking either john f crabbedy or crabby depp im not sure ill post what name i chose if i chose one of these also ive used these names in the past if you want to add them:

    ive only had two so those were their names bye tho!

  • izzy says:

    my hermit crabs names are hermie and harby
    here are some wierd names

  • Chloe says:

    I have one…
    : Crabby Crawler instead of creepy crawler.
    :Justin craber.
    :grabber crabber.

    Thanks for looking….

  • Nicole says:

    Marvin the Martian.

  • Haley says:

    leonardo da pinchy ;) )

  • Abby says:

    Crabbadabba doo hahaaha
    (from the flinstones :)

  • Jo Anne says:

    I have 11 hermit crab… 2 Still don’t have names though but here are the names i have for the 9 that do have names and the reason for the name
    NameReason for the name

  • Jo Anne says:

    Sorry 11 crabs 9 have names, here they are

    Pinkiy He is all pink and stupid
    Brain Bought with Pinky so… 1 is a genious the other insane
    Sebastian bright orange/red like the lobster in the little mermaid
    Felix Just a mane I though sounded good with Sebastien = fisrt 2
    Hermin Wanted something funny sounding
    Hank AKA Tank He is huge, the size of a baseball
    Drillbit When fisrt bough he was in a shell that looked like a drill bit at both ends
    Equidor He is an E.Q.U.I.D.O.R.I.A.N
    Salvador he is also and equidorian so i figured i’d give him a name that had the same ring to it

  • Morgan Brown says:

    Haha I love all the names that everyone chose! Like Justin Craberlake Crabby Patty or LadyCrab Crab(:
    But I just chose Hermie cuz it’s cute and just fits my hermit crab(; thx for all those ideas tho!

    ☺ Morgan ☺

  • Morgan Brown says:

    Ps.) here are some other dumb names I thought of (if nobody said them already☺)


  • catherine says:

    mine is hermes ya know from that fancy scarf shop hehe it sounds like hermit!

  • i say here are so good hermit crab names
    peewee hermit
    rupu (lamp in chinse)
    crab5 (like mock5)
    king crab/queen crab

  • mr.salty,crazy glue

  • Pacnchance says:

    I have 6. The first two I just named when I woke from a dream. ABBY & BREE. I decided to go with female names, cuz all the rest of the arc is male. When I looked them up under baby names, I found their names fit the perfectly! ABBY means “Bringer of joy” in Hebrew, and she really is a chirping blast! Bree means “hill” in Irish, & that gal is a climber!! I realized I was going alphabetical at that point, so: Caileigh: “party” in Gailic… & that she is! Dae: “Greatness” in Korean, & she is a wonderful & sweet little girl! EFF: done as a joke…get it? But it means: “pretty in the face” in Greek & that she is!! As soon as I got her into the crabitat, she swapped her plain beige shell for a super funky green turbo! & last but not least… We have Fraya: “Nobel woman”, Norwegian. Ummm… She is hysterical… Not sure about Nobel, but I love her & the rest of the gals SO MUCH!!!

  • qaesdr says:

    hi i like mexican stuff and the name kramer and cheesepuffs

  • Ana says:

    mine are frogger pincher and climber.

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