Hermit Crab Life Expectancy

Despite what many people think, the hermit crab life expectancy is far beyond the several weeks or months that most people are used to from hermit crabs.

In this article we will explore why keeping hermit crabs alive is such a problem and how we can rectify that issue.

Why The Hermit Crab Life Expectancy is So Low

If you have a hermit crab or are looking to buy one, chances are that you got your hermit crab or are looking to buy your hermit crab from the pet store and/or mall kiosk.  Unfortunately, a small plastic container and cheap pet food is the reason why many hermit crabs in captivity do not survive beyond a few months.

Hermit crabs can outlive most other animals if properly cared for.  Some hermit crab owners have been caring for their hermit crabs since the 1970′s.

And ironically despite the fact that many pet store workers struggle to even keep all their hermit crabs alive before they are sold, pet stores continue to advertise hermit crabs as “easy to care for” and “low-maintenance” animals that make great pets for children.  Painted shells that are toxic are also used to attract children and adults alike.

Extending the Hermit Crab Life Expectancy

A hermit crab who is properly taken care of can live upwards of 30-40 years or more. Thats right!  The hermit crab life expectancy is far beyond what many people think.

Properly taking care of your hermit crabs entails creating the proper habitat for your crab and feeding your crab a good organic diet of meat and plants.

Your hermit crab habitat should have at least 2 crabs inside as hermit crabs are social animals and be at least 10 gallons big.  Make sure the temperature inside the tank is 70 degrees Fahrenheit or more and at a level of at least 70% humidity.  You can use a temperature gauge and a humidity gauge to measure the humidity in your hermit crab habitat and the temperature.

Feed your hermit crab foods such organic fruits and vegetables, meal worm, raw fish, crickets etc. if you really want to extend you hermit crabs life expectancy.  Avoid feeding your hermit crab processed foods, fast foods, junk foods, sugar, spicy foods and table scrapes.

If you want your pet hermit crabs life expectancy to go up, keep in mind that your hermit crab is not a garbage bin!

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5 Responses to “Hermit Crab Life Expectancy”

  • Alexis says:

    I have just got my hurmit crab and im ganna get 2 more and so far i have learned alot about them so thanks to who ever made this site i learned alot Merci:):):):):)

  • Diane Klenotich says:

    Hi, just letting you know that we have had my son’s hermit crab since he (my son) was 3 so about 12 years. He thrives in his glass tank, which we clean only twice a year with calci sand and wood chips. It has a heater and several shells but he refuses to leave the one he’s been in for a few hears now. He loves popcorn, blueberries and grapes, but mostly just eat the hermit crab food, I see he wasn’t suppose to eat. Nice to know it can live that long, his buddy died only after 3 months or so – this one just hangs in there by himself!! Just thought we’d share. Diane

  • Alex Young says:

    Does my hermit crab tank need a light,and if so when do i turn it on or off?

  • cajsa young says:

    i have a hermit crab with a painted shell i am going to give him a natural shell to change into when he wants to. i love my hermie i have had him for like 2 weeks but i already love him! hermit crabs are so cool everyone should have one!

  • Liz says:

    I always feel sorry for hermit crabs held in captivity. I couldn’t disagree more with the person who said everyone should have one. Most don’t survive under the care of the average person, and they are especially at risk in the hands of children. So not the ideal pet and not so easy to care for as they are fragile, especially when molting. Please reconsider if you are thinking of buying a hermit crab. There are few hermit crab rescues that have room to take any more crabs from those that no longer want the responsibility or have lost the interest they once had. They really should be only owned by those who are willing to invest the time it takes to care for and educate themselves on what the hermit crab needs to be healthy and happy- not by the average person who thinks they are cool. I wish pet stores would not sell them, and they could stay in their own habitat.

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